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Outdoor Fitness

A Tribe for anyone who gets fit outdoors. Whether its using equipment outside, running down trails, open water swimming, rowing, cycling, ANYTHING as long as its in the great outdoors! Join - discuss, share tips and advice and lets have some photos!!

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Kevin G Outdoor Fitness Tribe

A simple way of trying to reduce the serious anomaly between a 'past high achiever no longer active'  and a ' new, enthusiastic, motivated regular user' would be to reward x points for each day's logging on OR deduct x points a day for NOT logging...

Charlotte C Outdoor Fitness Tribe

I agree with that one! I don't know if this has been changed, but when I check the others in front of me and a lot of them haven't been active in 5 years. Yes I do go up the standings quite fast, but I don't how this format of leaderboard has any...

Karen L Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Nice post Emily. When the site was relatively new we still had a whole heap of challenges designed to encourage people to check in on the last pages and actively engage with newbies. It really worked! People immediately felt part of a communit...

Emily S Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Looking at the other end of the leaderboard.... When I joined TS, several people welcomed me and encouraged me to get into challenges. That did wonders to motivate me and that connection kept me coming back. When I get the chance, I do the same fo...

Vanessa S Outdoor Fitness Tribe

This discussion is really fitting because I just happened to  check the leaderboard and the person/people above me havent been active in over a year! (granted I just became active again, but it struck me as funny the people above me have been inac...

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Tribe creator

Phil T

created the tribe

4th August 2012



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