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Overcoming sugar addiction

This tribe is for sharing tips and experiences and ask questions related to sugar addiction. We all want to be fitter and healthier on Tribesports, so eating chocolate and sweets everyday, several times a day, is a habit some of us need to break. The aim shouldn't be to remove sugar totally, but to approach sugar according to the 'everything in moderation' mantra.

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Amanda C Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

LOL!  IDK about chocolate and beer but there is this shot here called now don't laugh "Nuts and Berries"......and it tastes delish! Now not sure how drunk you can get off them because most shots that taste delish don't seem to have a good amount o...

Helen T Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

Nicely balanced chocolate article there Amanda, but of course as Alan has said, when it comes to excess calories, one must choose your poison wisely - chocloate wins hands down for me - I love chocolate,

Alan A Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

Calories in 1 oz. of dark chocolate: 155

Calories in 1 oz. of light beer:              8

Time to eat 100 calories of dark chocolate:   10 seconds.

Time to drink 100 calories of light beer:    1,800 seconds.

Choose your poisons wisely!

Amanda C Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

Some older and newer news about Chocolate and Candy. Most research was from Wikipedia..Tis the season for spooky, scary and yummy treats  

Candy Team Trivia:

Americans eat approximately 26 pounds of candy each year. This is...

Helen L Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

I am a sugar addict too!  Sugar is the enemy!  I used to drink at least 2 litres of Coca Cola a day, it was so bad that I even had to take a bottle to bed with me to get me through the night.  Thankfully, I managed to kick this habit last year, bu...

Gordon S Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

Hi. Thats the problem i have is that when you get to your cheat day, i end up going overboard. However, the good that comes out that is that you sicken yourself and end up annoyed etc, so you end up avoiding them for a good while afterwards. (it w...

Ayesha M Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe

Being able to have a "cheat day" as I call them, is what I'm aiming for! The first few days are always the hardest, and then it's about not going completely crazy overboard haha. I will try and try until I get there! Thanks. And aren't they j...

Ayesha M Overcoming sugar addiction Tribe


I have a serious problem with candy and chocolate! Candy being the worst...considering I just scoffed 4 bags of strawberry fizzy belts and 5 flumps..:s...I've done the one day on, one day off, approach in terms of limiting my intake...I've t...

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