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Personal Acceptance

Today's society revolves around the fact that people are meant to look a certain way to be found beautiful by that same society. I would like to point out that the world is skewed. What happened to actually feeling great about yourself the way you are?

I know we are all here to change on the outside and simultaneously target our inside, but don't forget. You are already a great individual. It's time for some self realization!

This tribe is for all those who struggle with this mindset, or for those who don't. Each other is all we have and let me tell you. You are all beautiful people.

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M J D Personal Acceptance Tribe

Communicatorbronze M J D replied to the topic What are you struggling with?

Thank you for sharing your personal story. I admire your tenacity and your ability to come back, even when it's difficult. I also appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable. 

Remember, Gem, your past is just history. It does not define you. The...

Amanda C Personal Acceptance Tribe

I love how much I have changed since joining Tribe Sprorts!! This place has really set me in the right direction and all my changes have been for the better!!! I LOVE TS and I l LOVE all the people I have met! =))))

Helen T Personal Acceptance Tribe

A brief summary of Week 1

  • Day1: Your body is your home, it's the only place you live. Treat it with the care and respect it deserves.
  • Day2: U are capable of amazing things when you set your mind to it and are willing to work for...go for it, sta...
Amanda C Personal Acceptance Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C A little inspiration for everyone's Monday =)))) Have a wonderful week all!!!! :) :) :)

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Alex C Personal Acceptance Tribe

Contributorbronze Alex C personal acceptance is something i struggled with and its my target for improving at the min. im gunna admit at times i honestly detest my body, when i go to my fitness classes you can tell how i feel about myself that day dependng on whether iim in tight fitness gear because im happy or in baggy gear to try and hide my shape. but slowly i am getting there and today was a great break through, it doesnt seem like much to others but i wore a skort(skirt and shorts) to fitness and gradually throughout the night i went from rather shy about it to a sort of confidince :)

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Steve M Personal Acceptance Tribe

Contributorgold Steve M Scars...


I've got my scars too Steve and they both give me my inspiration to get up and keep going each day. The 1st is for my beautiful daughter who wouldn't be here otherwise. The 2nd is from my cancer operation, that one I call my zip haha :)

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I read your post and smiled. Thank you. I appreciated your words. I have a few zips...

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