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Planking Tribe

For all those people that love/hate planking!! Tell us about your planking challenges and achievements!

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Bill S Planking Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Bill S I'm bouncing between 2:30 and 3:00 minute planks. Just the thought of doing 5:00 minute planks already feels painful. But they say the excessive you hate the most is the best one for you.

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Loretta A Planking Tribe Tribe

Smithy, i'm doing the challenge as well (third time) and have to say that you will be able to hold it for much longer.  I'm not sure about the benefits of holding it for that long but the sense of achievement makes u...

Marco C Planking Tribe Tribe

The Plank definitely strengthens your core for a better mobility and overall flexibility, improves your posture and reduces back pain. As for real aesthetic results, it hasn't convinced me yet... So, if your main goal...

Smithy . Planking Tribe Tribe

I'm doing a month Planking challenge 30secs to 5minutes; Currently at 2 minutes. I'm finding 2 mins pretty tough and cannot imagine holding it for 5 minutes! Just wondered if (after I finish the challenge; I will give it my best shot) it may be mo...

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Joanne M

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24th May 2013



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