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Running During Pregnancy - by Jen Dugard

Guide • 2 responses

One of the questions I get asked by many of my clients and by mums-to-be when they find out I am a trainer is whether they can or should be running as a form of exercise during their pregnancy. You may hear stories of women that have completed marathons at...

Pregnancy Exercise: Third Trimester

Guide • 2 responses

Weeks 28-42 The last leg of your pregnancy, hooray and at 28 weeks you officially have a baby! Up until now medical professionals refer to it as a foetus. This is the trimester where your exercise focus must be to prepare your body and mind for labour, bi...

Why Vegan? How to approach a Vegan Pregnancy

Guide • 0 responses

Almost seven years ago I and my Husband cleared out our cupboards, made a grocery list and took a step into the “vegan-land” without ever looking back.  Still young and vibrant, we both were suffering from a myriad of health issues: he had high cholesterol...

Pregnancy Exercise: Second Trimester

Guide • 0 responses

Weeks 14-28 This may be the period in your pregnancy that you enjoy the most, exercises should feel less challenging! Hopefully you are now feeling better than what you did during the first trimester? You should suffer less fatigue and sickness as your b...

Pregnancy Exercise:First Trimester

Guide • 0 responses

Weeks 5-14 Have you just found out that you are pregnant? Huge congratulations and welcome to the first trimester hormonal roller coaster ride and 24/7 hangover, without the party the night before! In this article I can hopefully help and give you the ans...

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