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Professional Advice from The Factory in London

This Tribe is for anyone at any stage of their training from absolute beginner to the advanced. We have advice available from numerous Personal Trainers with different areas of expertise to physiotherapist with decades of experience.
The intention of this Tribe is to have Tribers pose questions and get answers or start a dialogue or areas they would like to know more about.

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Annette T Professional Advice from The Factory in London Tribe

Annette T Hi, I did 25 squats today. My first ever maybe, and they just felt all wrong, like I was going to topple over backwards, but that is in discussion somewhere else. What I do want to say is because of holding arms out straight in front of me (to try and balance), I feel as though I have done something to the bottom of my neck/between my shoulders. It is quite painful, and feels pulled maybe. I have been doing the 12 days of fitness challenge overthe last five or so days (have skipped ahead slightly), and this is the first exercise I have done in years (like at least ten). I have a baby almost twelve months old, and during his labour I pulled all my shoulder and neck muscles, resulting in physio. Unfortunately I never did the exercises I was directed to, and wonder what I should do for my neck and shoulders now. About twenty years ago as a child, I tore muscles in my shoulders, but never got them looked at. It has only been in the last few years (since having children and carrying them all the time it seems!) that my shoulders are good most of the time, but it doesn't take too much to make them extremely sore. Any suggestions what I should do? Thanks.

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