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Proud to be British

This is a tribe for everyone who is born in Britain, loves Britain, lives in a British territory or is simply PROUD to be British!

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Kevin G Proud to be British Tribe

The 2012 London Olympics were iconic, the 2014 Tour De France first 3 stages are being held here, Saracens rfc have judt qualified for the Heineken Cup FInal 2014 and 2 English clubs are contesting the Amlin Fzinal 2014

Helen L Proud to be British Tribe

Contributorgold Helen L Anyone watched the new Saturday night BBC show 'I Love My Country'? I watched it last night. One of the rounds involved putting a pork pie on a map of GB to show the location of different towns. It made me realise that apart from the major cities, I have absoloutely no idea where half of these places are outside of my local area! Mind you, neither do the celebs by the look of it!!!

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Helen L Proud to be British Tribe

For me, the 2012 Olympics were an absolute triumph of sporting achievement, I don't think I could pick one out in particular, but I must admit I do have a soft spot for Mo Farah!  He comes across as an absolute gentleman and he works hard to achie...

Helen L Proud to be British Tribe

Fish and chips done well are certainly AMAZING!  Unfortunately, I think most people's experiences of fish and chips are from the local takeaway and there is just no comparison whatsoever! :)  We should start the 'Golden Fish and chips' award f...

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Heather J

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11th March 2013


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