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Pulminary Embolism and DVT Survivors Club

Have you survived PE or DVT? If so, share your tips and advice to other survivors. Together we can overcome our difficulties.

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Tiffany O Pulminary Embolism and DVT Survivors Club Tribe

Contributorbronze Tiffany O I'm a survivor of Pulminary embolism and dvt after having my son almost a year ago. I had no clue I had factor v leiden and I took birth control for many years, but the pregnancy triggered it to show a few weeks after giving birth to my son. I nearly clotted to death by what the doctors told me they are still amazed of how I'm still here today because I had more than half my body clotted. I'm currently on warfarin and not sure when or if I will ever be taken off from them from what Im told and I also do suffer from a chronic dvt in my lower part of my legs. Its a battle on it's self to survive it and still be able to go on strong, I have my good and bad days with it. Just blessed to still be here and be able to see my son smile and grow.

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