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So, the purpose of this tribe is quite simple. We aim to share our fav challenges with a particular focus on those that are a little bit quirky, unusual or stretching, certainly not the norm and definitely not the "complete x reps over y time frame" or "boys v girls" (that's another fab Tribe altogether). We will endeavour to post by challenge type (check the discussions) though, bear with us, it'll not be easy in practice ! So, come join us and, if you can't see the subject or challenge type you want to post to, then please add it :-)

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Karen L Quality Challenge Bookmarkers Tribe

Burpees were once my nemesis ... and then I completed this awesome challenge. Got me from a struggling 6/7 to completing 56 in a single session Over the 26 days

Reckon this...

Tracy S Quality Challenge Bookmarkers Tribe

Contributorsilver Tracy S Now, this is just the kind of silliness that appeals to me! I love these kinds of challenges!


That'll be the "Your Inner Child" challenges you're looking at I hope Tracy ;-))

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Karen L Quality Challenge Bookmarkers Tribe

Communicatorgold Karen L replied to the topic Your Inner Child - archived

Forgot about this little gem. Started to do it at a  festival last year but we all just kept falling about laughing (though that may also have been cider related ?) Back on m...

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