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Raw food lovers

Curious about raw food? Join other raw food eaters to share tips, recipes and experiences for those who would like to give it a try or take it to the next level.

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Donna A Raw food lovers Tribe

Contributorbronze Donna A I have been reading about raw food. I know the benefits , reversing heart problems, lowering cholesterol and many other positive aspects of eating raw. plant based food. Sooo.. I figured I would try it now, starting tomorrow, since I already ate my organic steel oats today. I need some food ideas though

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Helene C Raw food lovers Tribe

I agree with Chris. We have to let go of what the medias try to make us believe and listen to ourselves. I don't eat much protein either, but most I get is from my greens. I am stronger too and have a better digestio...

Martin  J Raw food lovers Tribe

Contributorgold Martin J Raw celery, with a little salt - tastes amazing, looks good. I might set an 'eat raw celery for 7 days' challenge. This is the beginning, I can see the fat burning off now!


Are you beeing sarcastic!?!?! My daughter loves raw celery with cheez whiz!!!!! And try mixing celery in your green smoothie! Tastes (really) good! Celery, pineaple, parsley, chia seed, coconut water and banana!


Hi Helene, not at all. I had celery left after making my 'Chairmans Pie'; Being in your Tribe inspired me to try it!! The 'Challenge' was a joke tho'. I am in the process of seeing how I can get Raw Food integrated in my diet. Not sure about the smoothie but going to make a couple of recipes from the Tribe - pics to follow! ;-D

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4th February 2013



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