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Recreational Inline Skaters

There are already a few tribes out there for inline skaters the like, but not one focused mainly on recreational (so not aggressive or professional) skaters.
Though I have found that those tribes have died out so it seemed.

Inline skating is one of my, if not, favorite workout when it comes to cardiovascular activities. And I want to share this with the Tribesports community. As well get an engaging and active tribe.

Feel free to share your stories, photos, anecdotes, tips, guides and the works!
Welcome and blade away!

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Korey S Recreational Inline Skaters Tribe

Contributorsilver Korey S imma huge rollerblading fan!!!!!!!!!! its so much fun as long as you gotta nice smooth pavement to speed down!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome Korey! Glad to see there are many more fanatics like me on TS! I'm currently living in a small city where there isn't much smooth pavement around. Man, I miss the bigger cities!

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oh i just love playing mo town soul when im rollerblading man its the best way to take my mind off the long distance thing going on in ya head, i even try shake to the music and even sing and people krak up and say "hey i know that song!" gotta make the best with rollerblading, otherwise im just at the basketball courts at the nearby schools.

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Ramison H

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25th March 2013



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