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Relax and Recover

We are great at challenging ourselves to meet our health and fitness goals--to be the best we can be--but many of us forget that regular REST is an essential part of an effective fitness program. This Tribe supports the need for R & R in infinite ways. Let us know what you do to rest and recover, or just to take a break from an intense level of activity to prevent injury, burnout, or total de-motivation! Come on, Tribesports amazons and warriors--get out there and...REST! We'll be sure to motivate you to get back into your program, so try letting go for a rest period and feel the benefits :)

If you're still doubtful, read this:

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Amanda C Relax and Recover Tribe

1. Sip Green Tea.- Instead of turning purple with rage, get green with a cup of herbal tea. Green tea is a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger [1]. Boil the water, pour it out, and take a soothing sip.

2. Nosh on Chocolate....

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