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Reverse Aging

If you're the kind of person who feels younger than their chronological age and would like to engage in discussions about fitness and diet ideas to keep young, then this tribe is for you. Post questions, guides and How-to's, share your elixirs and your routines!

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Kevin G Reverse Aging Tribe

knocking a minute off any record is impressive, but amazing at 81.

I am guessing there must be a men's equivalent somewhere, i just hope i haven't peaked too early

I cant believe TS have archived your challenge Brenda, iyou were forward thinking...

Loretta A Reverse Aging Tribe

81-Year-Old Anne Garrett Sets 5K Record 

By, Published 21 hours ago 

Anne Garrett has done it again.

Running the Carlsbad 5000 this weekend, the 81-year-old Garrett set an age-group world record in the 5K. She finished in 28:37...

Dwight W Reverse Aging Tribe

I have had grey on top of my head since my late 20's. I still consider it more speckled as it has not totally taken over yet and I pretty much like it. The goatee on the other hand..... well since I retired from the Navy and let it grow out I was...

Jeff C Reverse Aging Tribe

Most of our men of family getting gray hairs staring early 40s.  I wasn't the exception   I used to use twizer to take them out in early stage but now as I having double jeperdy of loosing more and more hairs, no choice but love them all.. Norish...

Bob K Reverse Aging Tribe

My wife likes my grey in my hair and beard. I have a band of it in my hair and on the mutton chops sides of my beard and around the chin. Looks cool actually although the streak in my hair makes me think of a skunk at times LOL!!

Kevin G Reverse Aging Tribe

Personally, I am more thankful that I still have a full compliment of hair than I am about what colour it is lol

i have some grey and am 53 and most people say that it suits me, whatever that means.

Agree with Monica in that removing a beard mak...

Dave W Reverse Aging Tribe

I have to admit that I hate starting to get grey hair. I've not dyed my hair and don't think I ever would, but really dislike it when I spot them :-(   (I'm 36 and have been getting the odd one since about 31/32 too).

It's always seen as more unu...

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