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Road Runners

This is for road runners!

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Monica S Road Runners Tribe

All good advice, shoes only have about 200-300 miles in them depending on milage, rotation etc. You may also have a touch of bursitius too. Its nothing serious its just a bit of inflammation from the tension and rubb...

Kevin G and James (Jim) G encouraged this.

Kevin G Road Runners Tribe
Jess H Road Runners Tribe

Thank you guys it was my shoes, I got new ones and my hip feels awesome. Plus the stretches and warmup advice have been helping fix my hip. Took two days off from running and just ran again and feel great.

Ben M Road Runners Tribe

Both good advice. With the dynamics, build the range of movement through your warm-up, pay particular attention to leg swings: back to front and side to side, crossover walks, lunge walk (with an upper body rotation...

Kevin G Road Runners Tribe

Shoes and proper warm up came to mind when I read your question, follow Vaunette's gait analysis recommendation and include dynamic stretches in a pre run warm up. Good luck

Vaunette C Road Runners Tribe

My daughter had the same issue. It turned out to be her shoes. Go to a running store and have them evalute your running style and which shoe would work best for you.

Jess H Road Runners Tribe

I don't have long term pain but always at the first of my run it is a pressure like my hips need to pop. I am a long term runner and this has never happened to me.

Kevin G Road Runners Tribe

My pet hate is running around my streets on dustbin day when it is windy.

dustbin lids overtaking you, paper sacks floating over your head, and every coloured bin you can imagine.

and then there's all the mess thar has magically missed the truck...

Martin L Road Runners Tribe

That's definitely one of mine too! Seems so basic to be polite and say hi! Also with everyone else about the dog poop and ignorant drivers! I'm currently living in Belgium and it seems like the drivers here try to get as close to you as possib...

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