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Road Running Newbies

New to running? Want to have some time to yourself? Want to lose weight? Want to get fit? This forum is for everyone who wants to change their life for whatever reason. Share your tips and inspiration with others. Share your success stories of going from a couch potato to getting out on the road, how you did it and how others can too. Follow other "newbies" and "encourage" and inspire them. Ask quesitons and answer questions. Take up the challenge, be honest with yourself. GET OUT THE DOOR AND ONTO THE ROAD....if you can do this, you've overcome the biggest obstacle!

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Susan L Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorbronze Susan L replied to the topic Speed and distance

Thanks, well I have now moved cities and my oldest has started school so finding more time to run outdoors, still not doing long distance yet but I am now around 8 mins a mile. I have started to run more at they gym on the dreadmill.

I am going t...

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Monica S Road Running Newbies Tribe

I love this question, because I think that we have all been there at one time or another. Its part of the transformation in the process. Kind of like people who come to me and ask about how to clean their running shoes or when they try them on the...

Ris S Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorbronze Ris S replied to the topic Need motivation and courage!!

If you were to sit in a park, for example, where lots of runners/joggers/shufflers go you'll notice that we 'runners' are a very diverse bunch.  We're old, young, and in the middles, some of us are fast, some of us aren't (I'm not).  Some of us ha...

Monica S Road Running Newbies Tribe

I agree I think its a challenge. When I first started running I felt like I was tearing it up if I could go 2,3+ miles in one go. I realized in the last year are so, it kind of created another problem. My running buddy and I talked about how if we...

Kevin G Road Running Newbies Tribe

Toatally agree with  this Amanda. If you are not sure whether you feel like going out for a run, then just put your gear on. Take the pressure off yourself and go out for a short run, no objectives or target times, if you want to stop you can. 9 t...

Mark G Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorgold Mark G replied to the topic Chased by dogs?

I was charged and almost bitten by a bull terrier a couple of weeks ago on a run. When I saw it coming for me I just stopped - it went for my leg and i just stared it down and it moved on. But I was preparing myself or a bite. But it kept going. 

Monica S Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorgold Monica S replied to the topic Speed and distance

I agree the first rule of running stop making comparisons, no two runners are alike. It is important to listen to your body and if you can go out more than do so. You mentioned going out 1-2 miles. Is that a loop or an out and back? Out and backs...

Peggy A Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorbronze Peggy A created the topic Chased by dogs?

I haven't seen any entries about being chased or charged by dogs. So, being a dog person, (flyball, agility, fostering, JRT trials, therapy dog) I thought I'd let people know what works for me and invite people to tell us what they do in this sit...

Peggy A Road Running Newbies Tribe

Communicatorbronze Peggy A replied to the topic Need motivation and courage!!

Well said Peter.  Sara, I've been running over a year and yesterday I just ran 10k at 1:10   Not blazing fast at all.  Don't sell yourself short!  You can and ARE doing it.  You are better then all those still sitting on the couch at home eating c...

Amber K Road Running Newbies Tribe

Contributorsilver Amber K Whoah! Ode to foam rollers! I'm a pretty new runner. Yesterday, I played a sport my muscles haven't been used too apparently and didn't stretch appropriately. Usually, if I have sore muscles, it would be the next morning and wouldn't constrict my movements. But this time, a few hours later my body was FEELING IT, especially my upper legs. Oh my. I'm not sure I've ever been this sore in my entire life, actually. I've been hobbling around for the past 36 hours feeling like an old woman and thinking "boy, it's sure a good thing the house isn't burning down!". In fact, when sitting at a desk in order to move my leg (using upper leg strength) I would have to *pick up my leg with my hands* and move it. Okay, so this is what sore feels like.

Anyway, last week I purchased a foam roller, because tribesports people seem to talk about them a lot (I've been struggling with tight hammies), but it's just been sitting in my room. I thought this was a great way to test it out! Prior to foam rolling, I could hardly walk down one stair slowly without wincing. I just foam rolled my upper legs for about 1 minute per leg and I CAN WALK AGAIN. Haha. I even tested walking down stairs and my legs are at least 60% better. I am amazed.

Let me just say, I am now a believer.

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That is a fabulous endorsement of the foam roller. I was on a 10 day holiday, I didn't want to come home, but I kept thinking about my foam roller. I was so happy to use it again. I tried to self massage, using the heel of my hands, but nothing beats the foam roller Amber. I am going to buy a smaller travel one now.

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HI Jane! That's funny :) I've been using mine now after major workouts, and am still so glad I purchased one. My legs feel great!

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I know the foam roller is amazing, a revealation!

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