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Rookie Tribe - New to Tribesports

This is a tribe designed to help new Tribesports users obtain help and advice about the site. It is a place to ask all those 'silly' questions (that are usually not that silly) that you might have about how to take challenges, log your training, progress up the levels etc. For that reason, we want some old hands to also join the tribe so that they can help and mentor the Rookies along their way into becoming fully fledged, active members of the TS community.

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Kevin G Rookie Tribe - New to Tribesports Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G How can I create a photo Album rather than just upload single photos? Help appreciated

Matteo R and Samantha W encouraged this.

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Aj P Rookie Tribe - New to Tribesports Tribe

Contributorsilver Aj P Thanks for creating this Tribe Kate! I have been on Tribesports for a couple of months and I have questions all the time! :)

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That's exactly why I created it Alonna. I don't claim to have all the answers myself, but I am sure that we can grow this tribe to be a really useful place to seek out help. Thanks for joining.

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Tribe creator

Kate N

created the tribe

8th February 2013


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