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Run. is a tribe for all runners beginners or experts
Sometimes when your out there running all alone your struggling, your battling with yourself,your trying your hardest to keep up with your running buddy, your running slower than if you were walking, your running 5km, 10km,1km whatever we all get to a point where we need to go.... RUN FULL STOP!!!
on here we can share tips on breaking through tough times, drop inspirational quotes, talk to other runners about how they break through and encourage others that are having trouble.
I believe the best motivation is sometimes the most simplest like RUN.

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Loretta A Run. Tribe

Do you like running?  Then you have to watch this, so beautiful & inspiring -

Running 100 miles is tough, running 100 miles when you’re 72 years old is unimaginable. Unless you're Wally Hesseltine.

Wally was a competi...

Gerry B Run. Tribe

HIGH INTENSITY TRAINGING FOR FAT LOSS! 24 HOUR BURN! For fat loss, the higher intensity your training, the longer you will burn fat after your workout. Long cardio on a tredmill makes you very hungry, and has inferior after-burn (although its good...

Kevin G and Loretta A encouraged this.

Kevin G Run. Tribe

Thanks for sharing Loretta, this article certainly explains with examples, clearly and emphatically, what type of running helps with weight loss. The afterburn can be treated as a great bonus even though difficult to quantify in numeric terms. any...

Chris C Run. Tribe

Great article and I agree, but a lot of people forget that you still burn calories far after the workout. For example you may only burn 500 in the example above, but you still are getting the benefit far beyond the 500 originally burned if you ar...

Loretta A Run. Tribe

Running at a medium pace primarily targets fat cells for energy; therefore, people say it is the “fat burning zone” and is the best way to lose weight running. Although all of this is true it is only half the story.

The Other Half of the St...

Kevin G Run. Tribe

i know you are an avid runner, maybe just take a step back from racing and remember what running for pure fun and no purpose feels like, leave the watch at home and just take in some scenery in the great outdoors. If time is an issue, them maybe d...

Glen Q Run. Tribe

Contributorgold Glen Q "Ditch the disclaimer: stop apologizing for your race distance" this has just come in on the walkjogrun blog. I like it a lot.


Even so one of the women in my running club posted her Brisbane Half Marathon time from today. I replied 2 her email that I should stop being a slacker with my 10k'ers. Boy do I need to read that blog again.


Oh and here is another article from Runners World this time. RW June 2014 It's All Good Forget about comparisons to other runners. Every mile you run is a symbol of accomplishment.

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Emma P Run. Tribe

Contributorgold Emma P One of my favs


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