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Run The World

Share the story of your running - upload up to 5 photos along with a little background about where & why you run, and your story will be turned into your own animated gif!

Upload your photos as their own album in this Tribe and share what it is that makes you run!

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L. D Run The World Tribe

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Scott V Run The World Tribe

Contributorgold Scott V Honestly I can say that running has changed my life for the better and the forever! I started when I was about 32 yrs old, weighing in at 248lbs. From 5k to a full marathon with in a year and half helped me shave off 70lbs. But running became more than just a weight loss became a way of life, a passion! I started volunteering with adults with acquired brain injuries, organizing a running group. Last year I guided one of the runners to finish his first 10k in 1:00:14. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and that has forced "Marathon Man" into retirement. But it has made for a nice switch over to 1st will be this June to celebrate my 40th Birthday! I am pretty certain that I will be starting my 40's in much better shape than I did my 30's or even my 20's! lol

20140509033248-1460125_10151973928457107_163625950_n 20140509033255-photo(10) 20140509033300-photo(16) 20140509033307-248_22724562106_1154_n 20140509033313-248_22176437106_2451_n

that was a real inspiration thanks for sharing this :)

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Dan G Run The World Tribe

Contributorgold Dan G I absolutely hate running long distances. My legs are in terrible shape, and I'm asthmatic. However, I'm trying really, really hard to learn to love it, so that I can get back to doing obstacle races. The weight is already beginning to drop, and I'm feeling fitter than when I first started, so I'm going to keep on persevering. Tally ho!

20140427212931-428775_941763686466_670380466_n_(1) 20140427212937-523738_941762888066_1878006160_n_(1) 20140427212943-255226_10151111302616942_778532329_n 20140427212949-551036_10151111302136942_1688229198_n_(1) 20140427212955-557447_10151111299996942_1311549256_n

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