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Run to work in London

Cycling to work is fun - it's good exercise.

But nothing beats loading up your bag with all your work things, pulling on the running shoes, and then running into work. Weaving past the miserable people, trudging to the tube or train station, past the white van men smoking out the window of their van. And its usually quicker than using public transport or the road!

A truly great way to start a day - get inspired, and get your days exercise out the way before its even begun. Run to work!

Join this Tribe to share stories, routes and discuss the greatest of all commutes - the run to work!

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Joe C Run to work in London Tribe

Sports-iqsilver Joe C answered the question Motivation

Instead of thinking about how unappealing the run sounds, think about how much worse the alternative is!  Squashing into a train carriage, smelling other people's morning breath, feeling like you're trapped in a herd...

Ranaz B Run to work in London Tribe

this is a sad post, but really, need to get my head into this. I need to find some sort of extra motivation to do the run more often. Being a very UNmorning person, and imagining the run (which is pretty much the top limit of my running endurance...

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10th February 2011



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