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Running Fanatics

Totally fanatical about getting in shape, and reaching your goals? Join other excited runners and share running routines, exercise plans, eating tips, and racing achievements. I'm totally excited about having you in our group. The sky is the limit !!

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Archie H Running Fanatics Tribe

I had a physical this week, and my BMI came in at 28. Ideally she said I should be at 25 or lower. She did mention runners usually have a higher BMI than normal because of muscle mass. Is this something that you check? My goal is to get down...

Alex D Running Fanatics Tribe

I always run with my Garmin, but the major use there is to measure distance.  I rarely push for times using it for standard runs.  During races, if I am chasing a PB or a specific time I use the pace information but mostly it is just a distance an...

Chris C Running Fanatics Tribe

I agree with most everybody on this discussion.  I think the GPS has it's place and time, but also think that we should look beyond the tech. sometimes.  Regardless of the GPS or not, I feel that my improvements at least recently hasve been on eff...

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

Sports-iqgold Kevin G answered the question Running in the snow yet?

Snowed heavily in Sheffield while staying with the in laws at Christmas. Made trail look stunningly beautiful, but snow had compacted so very icy and dicey. Enjoyed 10km run without worrying about time, And now it's l...

Brenda D Running Fanatics Tribe

I used to run with ' run keeper' to actually measure the distance to different running routes. I love to enjoy my runs and not to be thinking about times. I listen to the radio or to some music. i only get my times at races and sometimes I'm very...

Kevin G Running Fanatics Tribe

Never been a slave to a watch and never will be. I run for health, fun, fitness, happiness, socialbility  and none of those show up on my watch. When I run races or for times and PBs, then a watch becomes a great monitor, tracker and adviser and I...

Phil T Running Fanatics Tribe

I've been using my Garmin for a few years now and after a few technical issues with it I'm seriously considering chucking it in a drawer.  I've noticed I'm constantly looking at for distance and pace etc and judge whether I've had a good run or no...

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