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Running Shoes

All running shoes are not equal.I do not only design sneakers, or basketball shoes, but I am also venturing into designing running shoes. I like my running shoes very light, almost barefoot. What do you like? If you wish to see some of my designs you can add me on FB:

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Becky A Running Shoes Tribe

Contributorgold Becky A Went for a run today to break in my new shoes safe to say I am in love! They are flexible light weight and breath like a dream! Reebok Zignano and there a pretty colour which is always a plus :p


Nice.I did not plan on having too many colors for my sneakers on Kickstarter, but I changed my mind. Becky, I have a design for women flats that resemble sneakers, it I will be on Kickstater as part of the design launch trio. How would you feel about a pair of sneakers that give you the exact same feelings as flat, and the insole is padded with gel. to increase comfort.

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I've never really had completely flat shoes for exercise but with the gel I would give it a try :D I love bright shoes! The more color the better, can still show off my style when working out

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These flats are not for workout, its part of a combo design I created which gives you a pair of sneakers that you can workout with + a pair of flats that are design with the same features as a pair of sneakers. The flats are not for running, the sneakers are. Running in flats could damage your toes.

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Becky A Running Shoes Tribe

Contributorgold Becky A New Trainers! Can't wait to take them for a test drive tomorrow!


Those shoes and the Nike Free are very comfortable.

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Cherif D Running Shoes Tribe

I design sneakers and athletic shoes. This is one thing that I have yet figure how to do in the U.S. cost effectively. At the end of the day its the cost of recyclying that will define the future of the recycled shoes in the market against other b...

Cherif D Running Shoes Tribe

Allan, I think Vibram has it right.However, my favorite brand when it comes to running shoes is Mavic. There are many types of running shoes out there. The most effective running shoes, that will minimize injury are flat outer soles  or barefoot d...

Chris T Running Shoes Tribe

Contributorsilver Chris T I just got these today.... for my triathlons. Sockless, easy to get into (I added speed lacing) Light weight and race ready. :) OH and I liked the box too... "Welcome to the Tribe"


I like those shoes. Very simple. Sockless is great. Have you used that brand before? the thing that worries me the most is efficiency in terms of spinal stress, the impact of the heel and toes box on the feet. I like those shoes. I will look into them today. I am trying every pairs and brand I can get my hands on. The new concept that I am currently working on right now has gel in it. The entire inner sole is gel.

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