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Running the crazy out

Do you run for your mental health? What has running helped you overcome?

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Kevin G Running the crazy out Tribe

Bridget, don't be apprehensive, TS people are here for you through thick and thin. Depressions  a tough battle and you have achieved a heck of a lot in a short space of time, look back, remind yourself and smile. You will climb back on top and con...

Sue A Running the crazy out Tribe

Just think of someone else is doing all that you are achieving, TS and real life.  Then think about how proud of them you would feel, knowing they are doing amazing things even when they are feeling a bit down.  Best thing to see the dr, but also...

Azucena M Running the crazy out Tribe

Contributorgold Azucena M Thought I'd share my story of my recent insanity. Over my spring break I went out, partied, and completely forgot about my workouts...bad idea. I spent the weekend stressing out over dumb things and being in the worst mood I have been in since I started running. I have learned my lesson and will hope to never repeat this again! Running really does keep me sane lol :D

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