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Say No To Drugs for LIFE

I would like everyone to help me and take a stand to to drug free life. I know first hand what drugs can do to someone. I tried to help a friend of mine to six years beat his drug addiction and he lost that battle three years ago. I blamed myself because I couldn't save him and I didn't think I did enough or work hard enough. He was good person and would of done and gave anything to you if needed it. With God by my side and helping to realize I did everything I could I had to stop blaming myself and come to peace that I did everything I could to help him. I miss my friend so much, but I know he's not fighting anymore.

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Shelia B  Say No To Drugs for LIFE Tribe

Contributorgold Shelia B I am so glad to see so many supporters join and help take a stand on a drug free life. I have seen so much of what it can do to someone and to so many others when I was working the ER at are local hospital I use to work at it was so sad. Thank You all.

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Shelia B

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11th February 2014


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