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Say what.!?

When you choose to live your life a bit out of the ordinary you will hear about it. Good or bad.

People will comment how you eat, about your training, and how you look. Good or bad.

In this tribe you can brag about compliments you get. Tell us about stupid remarks. What do people want to know about your healthy lifestyle, and what wisdom do you get (or not)? What makes you shake your head? What makes you smile.

We can laugh about it or encourage each other along the way. Please share!

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Jerry L Say what.!? Tribe

I guess it was way back when I was 17. I told people that I was going to hit the gym. I was weak and scrawny. A skinny bastard, and one of the typical jocks laughed at me and said that I can't do that since skinny pe...

Marco C Say what.!? Tribe

Since I'm a huge fan of calisthenics and bodyweight, my cousin (who train in fancy gyms and with lots of weights) and friends who don't train at all used to laugh at me and mock me for training outside in the cold an...

Susan L Say what.!? Tribe

Well someone said "your not as fat as you used to be", this was supposed to be a compliment but I didn't think so. I was also told I was "being stupid" working out or running most days. When I first started run...

Shelley H Say what.!? Tribe

Stop running and let yourself heal!  And don't run 47 miles in 9 days, it's too much.  I have 4 miles to run today and I will have my 47 miles in.  Love when I can throw things back at people and prove I can do anyth...

Katrina P Say what.!? Tribe

Sometimes people will question me and say, "Do you really think you can do it?" I am not a 100% sure if they are doubting me but I always seem to hear that question. This is what usually motivates me to complete a ta...

Amanda C Say what.!? Tribe

I guess mine is when I told my bf about a new challenge I had and he said a comment that kinda put me off a litlte because I guess he's use to me telling him 1 day challenges, 1 week challenges, or 1 month challenges...

Elizabeth H Say what.!? Tribe

Elizabeth H I got the Presidential Physical Fitness award last year, in 7th grade. This semester I'm holding it again. I got 7:34 for the mile, 9.4 for shuttle, 3 pull ups, and 57 sit ups in a minute.

Angelica D and Russ B encouraged this.

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Mirja E Say what.!? Tribe

Contributorgold Mirja E My boyfriend's grandmother said the other day: "You have lost some weight. (My mind: yay). You were getting too chubby (my mind: say what??? You have no permission to say such things!). Chose not to yell at her as she is old and quite ill...
For me there are VERY few people, who are allowed to gently indicate I could lose some weight but grandmothers do not fit into that group... My own at least knows that and also explained it to my great grandmother when she tried to say the same thing and I really rolled my eyes and fought with the urge to say something not so nice...
One should know that people might be sensitive to the mentioning of their measurements, especially when they work like crazy to look better and then someone says that you look fat...

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Mirja E Say what.!? Tribe

Contributorgold Mirja E What makes me shake my head? When I tried to explain my aunt-in-law why I couldn't help lift a large cupboard up a few steps. She says, it is most important to keep the back straight. I say that it is not my back, I just am not able to push my knees straight under all the weight... And she kept talking about the back... Bffffffff.

Ok, no more complaining :P
But I do hope to get a random compliment soon too :)

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