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Seize The Day

" Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day" speaks of making things happen, not allowing circumstance dictate how we act in life. This tribe is for those who are taking charge of their fitness, families, faith, careers, and life in general. Life is so very short. May we take advantage of the few moments we have and make a difference in our lives, and those we care about the most.

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Chris C Seize The Day Tribe

I'm not suggesting as those refering and saying that we want to do away with the challenges. My idea is to create a massive tribe for runners and that tribe be more active and involved on all levels. It would be a o...

Alan A Seize The Day Tribe

I like being here because it is a community of people that have something in common.....we all are concerned about either exercising, eating right, eating less, getting healthier, staying healthy, looking better, feel...

Alan A Seize The Day Tribe

I'm new here so have nothing to compare with the past. I really enjoyed finding this site because it was different than any other forums I was participating in, so far it's been lots of fun, hope it stays so.

Kevin G Seize The Day Tribe

Several people have commented recently that TS is different than how it was a couple of years ago, but don't really say whats changed or how it can be encouraged or replicated today.

interested to hear  people's views and suggestions as what we c...

Kevin G Seize The Day Tribe

I read an article in Running Fitness about how TS developed its first products and raised funds from its website members, thought it was a great idea and went to have a peek. Took a few challenges, tried a few new sp...

Archie H Seize The Day Tribe

Do you remember when you first signed up?  When I first signed up I was having a ball.  I was rapidly moving through the ranks, collecting badges, and meeting many great athletes.  I worked really hard, and became creative at starting challenges....

Kevin G Seize The Day Tribe

Well earned, we will obviously know expect a photo of you in your new gear Archie, either before or after your race, I have the short sleeve black which makes you look leaner and faster, I hope the long sleeve tiop h...

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Archie H

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4th January 2013



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