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Shipwreck Diving

Hello divers !

Are you fascinated by the mystery surrounding a sunken ship? Does your imagination go into overload as you descend and the light starts to get dimmer? Are you intrigued by the unique marine life and besotted by the thought of hidden gems that may lay at rest? This Tribe is for all you shipwreck explorers to share your adventures, best locations, equipment and of course share the treasures and artifacts you have discovered.

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Aleksandar M Shipwreck Diving Tribe

Contributorbronze Aleksandar M A few underwater photographs from Malta

20140417173843-085 20140417173850-086 20140417173857-084 20140417173904-089 20140417173911-090 20140417173918-066

Thank you, Aleks. First three photographs are of the same wreck - MV ROZI in Cirkewwa, Malta. It was not too deep,...maybe around 28-30 meters. The fourth photo is of Blenheim Bomber, of Marsascala in the South of Malta. Depth there was 40 meters. Fifth photo is the conning tower of SS Stubborn, the submarine that was sunk in Maltese waters. That was rather deep. The tower was around 50-something, and the bottom was around 60 meters deep. Sixth photograph was taken on the bow of Um El Faroud, The Libyan tanker, of Wied iz-Zurrieq, also in Malta. Malta is great if you like wreck and cave diving, but the Red Sea is something out of this world...most beautiful Scuba diving. By far!

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Thanks! Looks like you are a tech diver. Pretty impressive! I've hear about Red Sea, haven't got a chance yet :( hopefully in a near future!

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Aine D Shipwreck Diving Tribe

Aine D replied to the topic Scuttling of ships

Provided it is done correctly - all marine oils and other substaces are cleaned from tanks and cargo areas, the Machinery is removed. Access to internal areas is increased - i.e. increasing the size of the boorways and some hatch ways, and items s...

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