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Single Parents

For all those single parents who balance everything pretty much on their own. Being mom and dad all at once can be quite a struggle all on its own. Maintaining fitness and health on top of it can be quite challenging. This is a tribe for us to share advice and tips on how we balance it all every day!

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Vylisa A Single Parents Tribe

Was really hoping to get my workout in today. Looks like I'll have to wait until little man's in bed :(

Connor M Single Parents Tribe

Thanks Te Aroha but your fall and injuries sound much more serious than mine. I  was getting stopped and couldnt get out of my clips, 1st time using them. I am waiting for an appointment for the fracure clinic but likely to be a least another week...

Te Aroha C Single Parents Tribe

I feel your frustration Connor, and am so in the same place you are at present.  Came off my bike on Easter Saturday at speed while failing to negotiate a corner, in the wet. The cuts and grazes have almost healed, but still have a strapped sh...

Connor M Single Parents Tribe

I was focused on running until the end of March when i completed my 1st half marathon and then switched to cycling. I was training fo about 4 weeks when last week i feel off my bike and fractured my elbow. I am off work for a few weeks with it so...

Monica S Single Parents Tribe

I am back to it full time now, the hamstring is not 100% but its getting there. I am knocking some challenges out finally. I have been insanely busy with two jobs etc, but summer is around the corner and my summer frees up a little more time. I am...

Mark G Single Parents Tribe

I have been focussing on the eating chellenges first to start shedding weight down to a level I can begin doig more intensive exercise without injury. I started Insanity today to begin the second half of my weight loss.

Amber B Single Parents Tribe

Great job Lisa!! I know exactly how you feel! Today must have been just awful all around! Luckily I got a gym sesh in this morning! But MAJOR changes happening so I have no idea when I will get to go back. It can be quite frustrating. Hang in...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Single Parents Tribe

My goodness my kids have been high strung this week, I did NOT want to workout today! I was miserable when I pressed play on the 30 Day Shred, but by the time I finished with the rest of my challenges I was feeling much better. So proud of myself...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Single Parents Tribe

Yesterday I completed 7 challenges! Last week I picked a few easy ones that wouldn't take up too much time, and would help me get back into a good routine. I have started and not finished several challenges over the past couple months & it felt gr...

Amber B Single Parents Tribe

I'm right there with you! I don't know what's gotten into my kids lately. Luckily they haven't been sick. Just the common cough and cold. But their behaviors are just off the charts ridiculous. I thought it was bad enough dealing with my 8 year ol...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Single Parents Tribe

It HAS to get better, right?

I know if I push myself too hard, it just end up getting sick as well & then I am no help to anyone. One of these days the kids will be old enough to take are of me, wont that be nice lol!

David W Single Parents Tribe

Lisa, I hit a wall in December. I was only doing minimum exercises for a handful of challenges and really hating that! I decided that January 1st was going to be the start of some big challenges and forced myself to start. Now, I've sone 16000...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Single Parents Tribe

Between sick kids and the holidays, and more sick kids, I haven't finished a challenge in MONTHS! I keep starting over and just when I get my groove on, something keeps me from it. AHhh! It's driving me crazy lol!

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Single Parents Tribe

Hey single parents! This is a discussion for everything related to the way that our children, and caring for them alone can impact the way we workout (or don't!), the way we take care of our bodies, and how we deal this. Sick kids (who get us sick...

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25th October 2013



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