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skating lovers

喜欢轮滑吗?喜欢追风般的速度吗? 喜欢刺激的享受吗?参加轮滑爱好者部落吧!这里有众多和你一样,追求速度,追求刺激,享受轮滑带来如风般的快感的朋友。不管你是初学者,还算轮滑发烧友,你都可以在这里找到快乐。

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David B skating lovers Tribe

Contributorgold David B Google translation of tribe title (very rough): Like skating this? Like Herd like the speed of it?
Like stimuli to enjoy it? Participate in skating enthusiasts tribes now! There are many like you, the pursuit of speed, the pursuit of stimulation, enjoy skating like the wind like the thrill of a friend. Whether you are a beginner, still skating enthusiasts, you can find happiness.

Eliza K encouraged this.

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何 岸 skating lovers Tribe

何 岸 created the skating lovers Tribe

喜欢轮滑吗?喜欢追风般的速度吗? 喜欢刺激的享受吗?参加轮滑爱好者部落吧!这里有众多和你一样,追求速度,追求刺激,享受轮滑带来如风般的快感的朋友。不管你是初学者,还算轮滑发烧友,你都可以在这里找到快乐。

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Tribe creator

何 岸

created the tribe

11th January 2013


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