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Skinny Boys

This tribe is for the smaller built guys out there that are trying to build a little bit of muscle mass to fill out their physique. We're not bodybuilders, just skinny guys that don't want to be so skinny any more. Advice, tactics, and encouragement for anyone with this goal in mind.

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Ryan B Skinny Boys Tribe

Contributorgold Ryan B Welcome to all of the new members, where is everyone on their journey to building muscle? I just did a fresh round of measurements and found I haven't changed at all in about a month. I'm still seeing definition forming, but nothing is getting bigger right now. Thinking about what changes I might need to make to get things going again.

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Korey S Skinny Boys Tribe

Contributorsilver Korey S i was skinny, untill i hit the mma scene. if ya feel out of place guys, dont eat like a fool, workout hard!!!!!!!!!! real hard!!!!!!!!!!!! bypass that pain and turn it into dust!!!!!!!!!!


we all believe that if a superfit instructor says eat healthy, well we have to just to achieve results ONLY they know of. im on no diet at all, diets to me is another way of saying "oh man really!!!!!" . as a amateur mma fighter i learnt that the more hardcore you train, you can practically eat ANYTHING you want but only to a certain point, im hardout into high protein shakes and just go hard on beef steaks and beef patties for high iron intake, yet i eat alota fatty foods too just to keep me energized. disclude takeaways tho, too many and your training goes to crap. my advice to you is to gain weight and tone up in proportion is to choose a extreme fitness type-like zumba or a self defence sport or fighting sport training and go hardout till you break, and then eat watever you want to replace your energy. why cant we be happy eating big meals? 3meals a day ok, fill that plate with meat, veges and gravy etc etc, weet bix, porridge, juice, fruit, creald, sandwiches. yum yum yum!!!!!!!! enjoy your food, hurt in training and see the results first hand. this is my process and dam it so works and i love it!!!!! korza mma fighter new zealand


Wow, that's a little too extreme for me. I've been limiting myself for months to just 6 ounces of turkey breast. This week I doubled it to 12 ounces and I feel really guilty about it. I might be able to get to your diet at some point, but I'm going to have to try it out one piece at a time, it's just too different for me to do all at once.


theres no right or wrong way buddy, but the realistic thing is you gotta eat, if ya dont your in a bit of a muck. dieting to me is a crock a shite man. its up to you how you wana get the physique you desire. im doing it the old style eat hard train hard style. ill never change that way for nothing. its practically the way i was raised too so thats an advantage for me. otherwise your next best shot to bulk up is to consider weight training and also use high protein shakes. using high protein shakes must only be used if you train aswell, by itself and its not a good thing.

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Ryan B Skinny Boys Tribe

Welcome!  Yeah, you sound a little thin, you're just a tiny bit heavier than me but a full 4 inches taller.  I've been making sure to get my protein shakes after every workout and it's working.  I'm slowly creeping up in weight.  Right now I'm alt...

Michael H Skinny Boys Tribe

Sports-iqsilver Michael H answered the question Progress?

I don't often notice looks myself but I notice I can lift more, with less rest and the total time of a workout which would last over an hour can be done in 30 mins despite adding abs, more reps and higher weights. I...

Ryan B Skinny Boys Tribe

Ryan B responded to the guide Running Guide

This sort of sums up everything that has gotten me to where I am today.  Paleo diet, short cardio sessions, and heavy weight lifting sessions.  I think this is a great way to go for anyone wanting to get into the best shape of their life.

Rob M Skinny Boys Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Rob M answered the question Where do I start?

Went for a run last night, was really hard.  Got about a quarter mile done before I had to walk.  I think I did about a mile of actual running and probably another mile of walking.  I weighed myself this morning thou...

Ryan B Skinny Boys Tribe

Sports-iqgold Ryan B answered the question Where do I start?

First off, yes you do need to watch what you eat, there are all sorts of maxims floating around about fitness and health, and one that concerns your situation is "Abs are made in the kitchen."  So basically, you alre...

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