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Do you get enough sleep at night? Are you tired or do you sleep throw the day? Do you have weird sleep patterns (I KNOW I DO)? Or do you sleep like a baby? This tribe is to talk about and learn anything about sleep that might help everyone at one time or other in there life if they have trouble sleeping.

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Amanda C Sleep Tribe

For those of us who aren't prone to mornings, waking up can be one of the most difficult parts of the day. There are actually a lot of things you can do to make getting out of bed easier. Try these out and see which works best for you.

  1. Use A...
Kevin G Sleep Tribe

No worries, I hope you are ok, I read your update and I felt your pain from here. The list of casualties just grows what with you, Amanda and Rochelle crocked. I liked your positive attitude and fingers tossed for you with your next appointmen...

Kevin G Sleep Tribe

Cheers Alex, guessed so, I bought myself a pedometer which does something similar, but it doesn't upload total distance or steps as shown , but does for rough for now. Take care :))

Alex D Sleep Tribe

Yep. Big commissions!! Woohoo!

No I don't think they could cope either heehee! 

Hope the funeral goes as well as can be hoped for, and the GNR is awesome.  Can't wait to see how you get on, you will rock it.  Take care my friend, look after...

Kevin G Sleep Tribe

One last question, does it monitor distance using the Fitbit alone, is it steps x average stride length or do you need to take an IPhone for GPS connectivity ????

Kevin G Sleep Tribe

Are you on commission lol only joking, that is so helpful and informative, low maintenance too wjhich is a bonus.

i like your stats, impressive :)) 

off to funeral and GNR tomorrow, so won't be on TS until next Tuesday. Take care, good train...

Alex D Sleep Tribe

Heehee absolutely! website syncs with Fitbit's, and adds your total for you.  All you need to do is visit now and then and take any challenges that are recommended to you, or that are added, and it sends you emails saying when the challe...

Alex D Sleep Tribe

I used Bodymedia for ages yes, but didn't like the armband, I found in the summer I ended up with a pale bit, it didn't look good with an evening dress, and it actually compressed the shape of my upper arm (that did come back when I moved to Fitbi...

Kevin G Sleep Tribe

I am a bit banded out, I have seen lots and am trying to pick, hence the question raised. I haven't seen body media in the UK which Amanda uses, have you. I have seen Fitbit and I know a couple of people like you who love it. thanks for your h...

Kevin G Sleep Tribe

Amanda, thank you my dear, I ws trying to see if anybody used any other app and whether try thought it had made a difference as a bit of research. I don't think I have seen body media in the UK. thanks as ever :))

Amanda C Sleep Tribe

Dear sweetest Kevin. I told you about my body media right? It traks my sleep. It has a lay down time which is how many hours I am just laying down but then it tracks when I am deep sleeping and such. I am currently trying to get at least 6 str...

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