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Spartan Runners UK

"Because we don't just run"

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Jennifer P Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Communicatorsilver Jennifer P replied to the topic Trifecta Challenge

So I achieved my goal. I did it in 2012. I do think the UK races were a little easy, I don't think it is necessarily the availability of the races but the ease of completion. The Super Spartan was the only one that challenged me and I saw on faceb...

Loren O Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Communicatorbronze Loren O replied to the topic Trifecta Challenge

I haven't signed up for the season pass but I do plan on going after the Trifecta. My aim is to volunteer at the races I run so that I don't have to pay for the next one. I did think about the season pass. Let us all know how it works out for you...

Steven B Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Steven B answered the question 2012 goals

49th world coal carrying champ[ionships completed. 4th in heat 1 & 7th overall.  Highest placings to date. Write up  Time to focus on training for a couple of months before doing some more road racing & t...

Steven B Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Steven B answered the question 2012 goals

First half marathon completed & it wasn't the best of run ups to it. 3 weeks without any training which showed at the 10 mile mark when I started to seize up. Enjoyable race & a big learning curve for next year. L...

Steven B Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Steven B created the topic Running socks

Looking for suggestions for the best type/style of running socks to get that have arch support & help with the impact of road running. Long or short socks, not bothered which as I'm also wanting some to use at work because of all the mileage I cov...

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Steven B Spartan Runners UK Tribe

Okay what's everyones goals/races for the coming year?


Legends of Sherwood 10k night run

3 Spartan races to qualify for my Trifecta.

World coal carrying championships

First half marathon

And a couple more 10k races as and when I've loo...

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