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Spartans of the most extreme civilisations the world has ever witnessed – one founded on discipline, sacrifice and frugality, centred on the collective, whose goal was to create the perfect state and the perfect warrior.

A tribe for all us feeling Spartans and are Spartans, warriors...that nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved.

History, training...strong mind.

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Scott K Spartans Tribe

Contributorgold Scott K Finished my first Spartan Sprint yesterday, it was a blast and a true challenge. Looking forward to competing again in Milwaukee Sprint next year, and maybe the Chicago Beast next summer.


Thanks man. It was tough they do a good job of wiping out one part of your body at a time, Starting with your legs with all the stairs and then your arms at the end. With the workouts I picked up on here and the stairs and hills I did, it made it somewhat easier.

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John B Spartans Tribe

Contributorbronze John B I just completed the Citifield Spartan Sprint. What challenges are you taking?

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Nicholas M Spartans Tribe

Nicholas M replied to the topic Spartan Race

I've done two Spartan Sprints (Malibu 2011 and 2012) and one Super Spartan (Arizona 2012). I'm training for the SoCal Super Spartan race in Temecula next month and the NorCal BEAST in April! AROO!

Dwight W Spartans Tribe

Communicatorsilver Dwight W replied to the topic Spartan Race

I competed in my first Spartan last month in a Spartan Founders Race and had an absolute blast.  What an amazing run it was, looking forward to the next one!  Had little idea what I was in for when I went but with a solid fitness plan and conditio...

Elaine K Spartans Tribe

Spartan discipline came from the fact that the society had strict punishments for those who did not follow the rules....that's if you survived your childhood of course. Unless your trainer is pretty hardcore he/she probably isn't going to punish y...

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Elaine K Spartans Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Elaine K answered the question Spartan Nutritian

The Spartans ate communally (so their eating was public) and lived off a type of gruel...their diet was considered to be so restricted and foul-tasting (it was actually pretty nutritious but dull as dishwater and pro...

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