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As a Tribe, we're spending an ever increasing amount of time in each others' company and, thankfully, its not like the usual room full of strangers either (picture doctors' surgery or certain "corporate" events !!) Whilst we don't necessarily make eye contact here, there are few of us afraid to speak our minds. And that's healthy, right ?
I'm not talking sports or injury advice either (though we've plenty of great tribes for both) but I regularly see views and opinions shared on many, many issues. This tribe seeks to give a channel for opinion ... ... an opportunity to have a rant, hold court on an annoyance and generally let us know what's annoying you!
What's more, maybe sharing it with your on-line friends will give your loved one's ears a well deserved rest :) So, come on .... what's annoying you ? Get it off your chest !!

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Jackmark M Speakers' Corner Tribe

Jackmark M replied to the topic pointless challenges

The challenges for the runners who want to enjoy the race.The rating is improvig the qulity of the running ability.There are many people who would like to have the opportunity for the participants.

Addz S Speakers' Corner Tribe

Communicatorsilver Addz S replied to the topic Non Challenging Challenges

yeah the duplicates were becoming a bit of an annoyance! I agree with Karen though, loads of fun challenges were deleted it the clean-up. Seem to remember the 'Sexercise' challenge, and some other silly ones from wayy back...   shame they went as...

Kate N Speakers' Corner Tribe

Communicatorbronze Kate N replied to the topic pointless challenges

I created the run for x minutes without stopping series because for me I had a real mental block about running. But the 'run for 1 minute without stopping' is the first challenge that got me to break my pace. To start off with on TS I was a bit de...

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10th August 2012



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