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Speed Ropers!

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Loretta A Speed Ropers! Tribe

Contributorgold Loretta A Rope jumping improves stamina, lower body strength and power, coordination, agility, foot speed, hand speed, balance, timing, and rhythm. It also burns calories at a high rate (comparable to running) and is one of the most effective ways to increase bone density.

Not to mention it’s fun, inexpensive, portable, gentle on the joints, and offers endless variety and challenges. It’s no wonder that rope jumping is a favorite with elite athletes, super models, and anybody who wants to improve their level of fitness.

comfortable workout clothes
a pair of supportive sneakers
a correctly-sized jump rope

The Basic Movement:
First, turn the rope using your wrists. Keep the shoulders and elbows “quiet.”
Next, jump over the rope with a very low, relaxed bounce.
Your mantra is “turn first and jump second.”
Performing the turn and the jump with proper timing is the key to being a successful rope jumper. If you jump too early or turn too late, the rope will likely get caught on your feet.

Have fun :))

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Loretta A Speed Ropers! Tribe

Communicatorgold Loretta A replied to the topic Ideas for Speed Roping...

I try to learn new skills and incorporate into my skipping sessions.  only recently managed to do a reasonable amount of double unders.  Now I want to do cross overs and various steps at the same time as shown in the video clip.

Loretta A Speed Ropers! Tribe

Communicatorgold Loretta A replied to the topic Skipping in the dark

It is still not dark enough when I go to the gym (around 7:30am) but I was so curious to find out if I could skip in the dark so I decided to close my eyes and skip.  Same thing, right?!  What a strange sensation.  I had no problems keeping the ry...

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