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Hi! Everyone in here is ready to get their bodies fit! but what about our minds!!! Lets share experiences and tips about relaxation, music, exercises... and all of that that came across to your mind in relation with having peace in our mind! As you know we need a "Mens sana in corpore sano"!

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Adrienne C Spirituality Tribe

Contributorbronze Adrienne C I started Yoga backin October 2013 and learned how to calm my mind and spirit down. Awesome stuff

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Gilles T Spirituality Tribe

Gilles T answered the question HOW TO CALM THE MIND?

Begin in Easy Pose. Interlace your fingers with the thumbs resting on top. Bring your folded hands up to your heart center, palms face the heart. Hold your hands against your body and rest them there comfortab...

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