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sport injuries

This tribe is designed to answer general questions regarding sports injuries!

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Kevin G sport injuries Tribe

Thanks Gary, appreciate your comments and exercise suggestions. Totally makes sense about warming up before getting out of bed and have been icing and tennis ball rolling, also using compression sock at night as night splints / socks sounds cu...

Kevin G sport injuries Tribe

@brendad Brenda, I know this sounds more like casualty than TS, but I do know Lindy S has just been diagnosed with Achilles injury and Karen L has successfully recovered, might be worth a shout to them. Fingers crossed for you, I am guessing t...

Christopher S sport injuries Tribe

That is a bummer.  I did have something a little similar.  

I did get pain from walking, but only if I'd been running earlier.  When it was really bad, walking a day or two after running was painful, but eventually a morning would arrive without...

Kevin G sport injuries Tribe

My biggest problem at the moment is I get more heel pain from walking than I do running. I can limit my running volume / distances but walking is part of everyday living and has to be done. Doing all the right things and heel things a lot less psi...

Kevin G sport injuries Tribe

a good Tribe to hold a discussion as to whether PF is curable or is it a case of putting up with ? Lots of stories re night splints, compression socks, icing, rolling a golf ball or tennis ball, stretching and exercising daily. Just as many storie...

Gaina C sport injuries Tribe

Contributorgold Gaina C Hello all :)

After a winter with depression that knocked the stuffing out of me followed by weather that kept me off my handbike I'm now back in the exercise mindset only to get a pressure sore on my foot which means I can't get my shoes on!

It's really frustrating me, so I'm looking for some exercise suggestions thar don't involve standing up or putting anything on my feet. Help!

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Joanna G sport injuries Tribe

Contributorgold Joanna G so now after some serious slacking in train in last 2 months....mainly since it's been too crappy to run, I've taken the time get the spring cleaning done so I don't have to do it later....just when I thought my knee was going to heel...I did something at work last night....I think I did it stretching...but in any case....time for the professionals to tell me what the hell I did wrong and what to do to fix it...dude this sucks...

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Susan W sport injuries Tribe

Contributorgold Susan W Lately, I have been getting bruising and pain along the top of my foot after running. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what might be causing it?


Thanks Richard, that was what I thought might be happening. I did have to put on thick socks to run in the cold temp here, but I thought I had loosened my shoe enough. Lol gear issues always drive me nuts!

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