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Sport Motivations

Everyone has there lazy days. Those days you can't be bothered to get of your ass and do something, for all the excuses you make, and for all the faffing you do to prevent it! This tribe is for people to post Inspiring sayings and stories to get the readers on the other end away from the TV and out in the fresh air!

Have you got a good inspiring story e.t.c to tell? We wanna hear it!

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Dan G Sport Motivations Tribe

Contributorgold Dan G Anyone else been watching the group of nutters doing the "Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week" programme on BBC? One more episode to go. It's been rather epic so far. They've all been absolute titans to get as far as they have. Some of the physical challenges have been insane.

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I'm all the way behind Miller, she is one tough cookie. Really enjoyed that program.


I really like what the Spetznaz guy said to Parrish. "If I could remove 10 years from what you have, we would do things together." Especially since he was then pretty brutal with the other three, Spicer in particular, which was probably deserved. Bent and Miller FTW!

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I liked the Spetznaz guy, he didn't scream and shout as much as the other special forces guys. Spicer was a bit of an arse and I agree, I liked what he said to Parrish. That was a good way to go for him. Really looking forward to the last in series.

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Loretta A Sport Motivations Tribe

Communicatorgold Loretta A replied to the topic Weight Loss Challenges

Jenn,  I follow Ben Coomber (Nutritionist, coach, educator & speaker) on FB and this post just came up and I thought you might be interested to listen to the podcast.

What do you do if you are confused over your diet and can't find clarity...

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