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Sprint Triathletes

500m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run.

A walk in the park or leaves you broken and bruised for a month afterwards? Share your tips and advice about training and kit here.

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Loretta A Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorgold Loretta A Thinking about doing a try-a-tri next year which means I need to start doing some open water swimming which I have been trying to avoid, just not something I am comfortable with. Also need to look into buying a tri suit & wetsuit. Will definitely need to join a local tri club


Open water swimming gives me the heebie geebies. At least you are a strong swimmer - you have got that going for you. Enjoy!

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Not sure myself @astrang, I do a bit mental when something touches me in open water - eek

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Ris S Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorgold Ris S Completed my first, own sprint triathlon. 20km cycle in a 45 min spin class, followed by a 5km run in 31 mins and a 800m swim in 29 mins. Now to improve all the times and obviously put them in the correct order! Ready for the first race in June.

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Stephen C Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorgold Stephen C Completed the Dublin City Triathlon Aug. 25th - was Olympic distance though, 2nd Olympic this year, beginning to favour that distance over the sprint distance from the perspective of getting into your stride. In the sprints it can be a little hectic. Mind you this is only my first year doing them, so not really the voice of experience here. Dublin is a great triathlon to participate in + they do a super sprint too. Great fun & brilliantly organised.

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Michael M Sprint Triathletes Tribe

I just read your bio..I see you have been bit by the tri bug..just like me..hands down..310xt for saving money a bit bulky..great data heart rate monitor..power meter for bike and foot pod..its ama...

Michael M Sprint Triathletes Tribe

even though the Garmin 310xt is bulky..if your a tech/data freak..I love it..heart rate monitor..foot pod  for cadence..power meter for bike..and you can track swimming in it....if you no budget limit try the 910xt....

Michael M Sprint Triathletes Tribe

for me..hands down..garmin 10....I did lots of research on gps has occasional issues..garmin 10 easy to looks better and thinner for everyday watch..if you want a better watch for gps...

Robin R Sprint Triathletes Tribe

i like the garmin , the gps pick up is really good , you may also want to consider the sunnto ambit again depending on money , one thing tribesports does not seem to do is have gradients appear on runs and climbs and...

Peter B Sprint Triathletes Tribe

numbers numbers and even more numbers i went through this stage , as in basic look just about every gps will do a good job but if you compare models and makes the recorded values are likely to wonder a little and addi...

Mary M Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorbronze Mary M Registered for Portage Lakes sprint tri in Akron, Oh. Is a tradition past 3-4years with my hubby and sis. Has been tough to train this summer with family schedules and is Sept.16ish. Happy to have an event goal set though!

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Smithy . Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorgold Smithy . Bristol Triathlon didn't go too well for me; finished 30th which was a bit disappointing but not really unexpected given my poor form this year...Amazing competition for qualification to the World Sprint Championships - Good luck to the top 5 who went through!

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Lynda R Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorbronze Lynda R 10 days to go to my first Tri, and I am really starting to get excited / anxious! Worried about the open water, and that my bike and run times wont be as good as I expect. Training has been poor this week, so just trying to decide how to tackle the next week....

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Irene M Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorgold Irene M Survived my sprint tri last weekend. I felt like it was a real ass kicker. I'm sure I just didn't train hard enough. The swim was a battle the entire way. I got hit and kicked 0.25 miles. Then the bike seemed to be uphill for most of the 10 miles (oops did not train for hills at all) had to get off my bike twice to make it up the hills. Lastly I found it very disheartening to have people packing up there kit to leave before I even started my 3 mile run. But I did it! My times were around what I thought they would be but I felt like everyone else did so much better. I guess that means I'll have to do it again - thinking mid September...


Well done for making it around the course, don't worry about other people and race your own race. At least now you have set the benchmark for your next race and I'm sure next time you will be even more prepared, making the hills look easy and flying through transition

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Vicky L Sprint Triathletes Tribe

Contributorsilver Vicky L completed Ruthin Sprint Triathlon.- well run, nice course, weather didn't play ball tho - windy. Result = slow bike leg. : ( doubltless it will confirm my mediocrity as i will doubtless finish mid field as usual

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