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Squash Newbies

This Tribe is for those people that swing their whole arm when taking a shot. It's for those people that think the T is something you indulge in after the game. For those people that hit the wall more often than they hit the ball. It's for those that just can't keep a rally going long enough to get the ball warmed up.

For all the people new to squash, this is the Tribe for you - learn the basics, and get into the fantastic game that is squash.

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Vince S Squash Newbies Tribe

Vince S answered the question New to Squash

If you are able to take some lessons in getting started (and I highly recommend it!), try to find a coach who also sells and strings rackets.  Then if there is a problem with the racket and/or strings, he or she shou...

Peter K Squash Newbies Tribe

Peter K answered the question New to Squash

Get on a court and play with a friend and borrow their racket. (Don't break it!) Try as many as you can and chose one which feels comfortable and is not too light or heavy, and you can hit the ball cleanly with. If p...

Scott G Squash Newbies Tribe

Scott G created the guide 10 Match-Winning Tips

I was going through a spell around 6 months ago when I was losing matches I should have won. Lots of effort but poor results. So I did some research on how to close out games and picked up these tips They’ve made the difference and I’m winning...

Scott G Squash Newbies Tribe

Scott G created the guide The Squash Racket Grip

My son is starting to play and of course I’m the one he’s relying on to get him started right! No pressure then!

I’ve had to go back to basics myself in all aspects of the sport, remembering what I was taught so I can teach him.

The grip...

Maz S Squash Newbies Tribe

Maz S answered the question Squash Glasgow

I used to play at Strathclyde University gym. The rates are pretty cheap and there is a league, although when I played I was the only woman. :( There are a few clubs in the west end, such as Hyndland and Maryhill....

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Tribe creator

Steve R

created the tribe

14th December 2010



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