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Shut Up and Squat! The Ultimate exercise for any level and any sport. Tell me a sport where it doesn't help!? If you love to squat and feel that burn then you're at the right tribe. Join in for tips on the best training programmes, techniques and share your huge volumes/lifts and maxs with friends!

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Laura S Squatters Tribe

Contributorgold Laura S Good morning all you squatters! I went to my closet this morning I chose a skirt that was pretty snug the last time I wore it and in all honesty probably would not have fit at all a few months ago. Happy to report that it fits perfectly this morning. Small victory. Thank you squats!!

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Alex D Squatters Tribe

Contributorgold Alex D I love squats!


Awesome stuff Laura. Make sure you are doing them with good form, think about moving your bum back as you squat down, not moving your knees forward, and that makes your muscles work and does not force damage on your knees. I do quite a lot of them every day and I know they work, my bum looks loads better :)

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I think that is why I am liking them more than in the past, I'm paying more attention to form :)

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Kevin G Squatters Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic squats on a damaged knee

Beth, you should obviously follow your physio' recommendation for you. the depth of squat that you perform will target different muscle groups as desired, I have been told to do 45 degree squats to strengthen glutes specifically, more and I would...

Big Swede ! Squatters Tribe

Communicatorbronze Big Swede ! replied to the topic squats on a damaged knee

hmm i would know alot of people that would not agree with that all,i'm one of them,there is many ways to do squats but the most basic is the 90% one,i always vary my squats,everything from 90%,bench squats,deep squats and cheat squats "60% squats...

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Bethany Megan W Squatters Tribe

I have a bad knee and been going to my physiotherapist. Because of the extent of the damage to me knee I am unable to squat or lunge far anymore. But my physio said that you should not squat past 60 degrees anyways because at 60 degrees it's bee...

Amanda C Squatters Tribe

Relaxing after any workout is different for every person. Some will take a cold shower, a warm bath. Just relaxing with a fan blowing and sippin' on a protein shake. #1 thing to do after a workout which is really goo...

Terry G Squatters Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Terry G answered the question how to do a squat?

What you should do (in my opinion) continue squating with your back as straight as possible while pushing your butt to the rear. only go as far as form will allow and continue to work on your hip mobility. Check out...

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