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STOP Night Snacking

Sometimes we find ourselves picking at things in the evening as we make lunch, or just because I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, or because we had 1 too many beers. I'm pretty convinced the last 5-10 lbs most of us would like to lose would fall off if we would just stop this habit. Seems so simple and yet every night we succumb to the munchies!

Anyone else with this problem is welcome to join! For me, I'd be ok with having a planned snack in the evening if I want it, but that's all, no extras! Then at least we'd have other to chat with in the evening to talk us out of sneaking off to the kitchen!

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Alan A STOP Night Snacking Tribe

Thanks Monica, I'll use your advice next time around. I have great will power when I'm not forced to sit around with everyone with a ridiculous amount of food right in front of me. On my own I  an easily limit myself...

Monica S STOP Night Snacking Tribe

I know this will probaly make me sound like a witch, but I'm going to say it anyway. I don't have a lot of problems with this myself. I don't attend a lot of these gatherings because I come from a large family, their...

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Kevin G STOP Night Snacking Tribe

Alan, I think damage limitation is normally the best you can hope for, unless you are organising the food or can ask the preparer to provide a few things that you want. Otherwise, it's go with the flow, pick the best...

Alan A STOP Night Snacking Tribe
Tyler N STOP Night Snacking Tribe

Tyler N You know I have had the same problem but two of the things that have really helped me in the past is making sure that you go to bed at a decent time so you don't stay up as well as getting rid of anything that is quick and easy to eat. I find that if I have to cook something I am way too lazy to make it and therefore I don't night snack. Just a thought.

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