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Strength Training For Climbing

The goal is to focus on the unique training for climbing, strength in your hands, grip and arms, as well as flexibility. Please do share all your training tips with us and ask as many questions as you would like to!!

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Cody G Strength Training For Climbing Tribe

I've really been climbing since I was little but I want to get into climbing to challenge myself an to help me get healthy. In the past 2 years I have graduated college, gotten married and in May will have a little baby boy. So needless to say I h...

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Jack N Strength Training For Climbing Tribe

Newbie here. How/Where to start? Finding location, of course should be the first step. Or could it be a small gym or studio that holds one of those "walls"? Equipments, suggestions? And how about training? I immediately thought of TRX.. suspension...

Ben R Strength Training For Climbing Tribe

@barbaral no worries Barbara and good lcuk =) remember to share your progress and findings with us =) looking forward hearing from you again!

@davidb2 Awesome well i'll be watching you and waiting for all your exciting adventures you have to shar...

Jack A Strength Training For Climbing Tribe

Haven't really done many finger push-ups but definitely one to start working into my training sessions! 

I only tried the wrist curls a few weeks ago but they're brutal, you can also do them standing up with your forearms at 90degrees, then you h...

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