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Stretching & Recovery

Wake up with aching muscles? Barely able to walk, never mind run? Or just a bit stiff after yesterday's sport? This is the place to discuss stretches, warm-up, warm-down, and tips for getting the most benefit and the least pain from exercise.

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Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Stretching & Recovery Tribe

I love to stretch, but when I'm short on time I avoid it to jump right into a workout. I can feel the difference,  but for some reason I tell myself it is ok. This is something I need to work on as I get back into a strong routine.

Isabelle  C Stretching & Recovery Tribe

Contributorgold Isabelle C I just watch this video and since is a stretch I do sometime and what that guy say make sense to me I think I could share it with you to make your own opinion :


I think that not every stretch and exercise is good for everyone, you should find what suits your own body and its flexibility, if it hurts then stop. Thanks for sharing the video, I had no idea that stretch wasn't so harmless.

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Nella P Stretching & Recovery Tribe

Nella P replied to the topic Foam rollers

You could use a foam roller for your hamstrings, calves, IT band, quads, buttocks, lats, chest, hip flexor and adductor, and upper and mid-back. If you do get one and want to know how to use a foam roller, or if you just want to see how to use...

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