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Super Foods

Have you tried superfoods? Do they actually work? A tribe for you to let others know.

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Laura D Super Foods Tribe

Laura D Odwalla makes a "Superfood" smootie that is a good substitute for coffee. That and Vitamin B.

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Amanda C Super Foods Tribe

Dig in to these delicious, nutrient-packed superfoods—from steak to Greek yogurt.

1.) Apples

An apple a day can keep weight gain at bay. People who chomped an apple before a pasta meal ate fewer calories overall than those who had a different...

Phil T Super Foods Tribe

Communicatorsilver Phil T replied to the topic Article: Best Food for Runners

Sensible article, I think basically the advice of Michael Pollen: "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" - "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" is sound advice.  Common sense people!  If someone recommended eating only donuts and pies you w...

Michael H Super Foods Tribe

Michael H responded to the guide Chia seeds

Guido, I would not really call Chia seeds a "weightloss" food per se, but they are very valuable for fueling you during endurance workouts. They were known in the American Southwest and Mexico as the "indian (native} running food" as indigenious m...

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