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Buzy mummys who enjoy keeping active.

Even though we have children & a buzy family life, we still find the time to keep active.

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Jenny W Super Mums Tribe

Contributorgold Jenny W My diet and workouts are suffering because my 6 month old is a terrible sleeper. Last night I had to stop 4 times during my workout to see to her. And because I'm tired my food intake suffers. I tried working out in morning when she went through a good spell but it only lasted a fortnight she never seems to go back to sleep after 5.30 feed! So switched to evening workouts when both girls bedded. It works ok but if we have a bad night my workout almost seems pointless. Does anyone have any advice on either the sleep or workout front?


I feel your pain! I've always worked out of an evening after Nathaniel's in bed, as I was always too tired to work out of a morning. You know your little ones better than we do, so it's difficult to give real advice on this. All I could suggest would be to start a sleep diary for them, as there may be a reason as to what triggers bad nights. Workout wise, it might be worth looking into at home HIIT workouts that you'd only need to do for half an hour or so at a time. You get a great workout from them but a fraction of the time.

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Susan, I've been thinking about a bottle before bed but don't know if Hazel'll take it as she hates dummies and has never had a bottle before but so many folk have said it works. I'm walkig a lot during day and playing with girls so keeping active. Vylisa, my brothers name is Nathanael! Love it when I see someone else with that name as it's beautiful but so uncommon! I'm doing weights and HIIT atm. I had to workout t 9 last night then bed at 10 and Hazel woke up a 11! Then 2, then 4! Argh!

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It's worth a shot, Cal would take a dummy but he would take a bottle, Em wouldn't take either. It's hard but you should make sure that she isn't getting used to what ever you do in the night, I know it's hard with 2. Some nights I have been working out about 10pm then I am going to bed and not logging what. I have done.

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Annette T Super Mums Tribe

Annette T Hi, another busy Mummy here, desperate to get some strength and fitness happening (at home). I have four kids (threeo of them are mine, one step child), and it's been a very. Long. Time. since I have done any exercise. I am too uncoordinated for any of those classes, and I get so angry when I can't follow along. I have a couple of DVD's, one still in its wrapper. The other I have tried to do a few times, but I can't even get through the warm up 'aerobics' style thing, to the real workout. I didn't buy it for the aerobics, just the rest of the workout, which I now can't even remember what it is. Call them excuses if you will, I just can't find exercise I enjoy, even though I really really want to.


Hi Anette. I found that I enjoyed martial arts based 'at home' exercise plans. Les Mills Combat really is very enjoyable and it will get you in great shape. It will be available for UK soon from unless you have a region 1 (plays USA DVD's) and if so you can oder it from I really would recommend this if you're looking for a little pazazz in your workout!

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