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Swimming Swimmers

For anyone who loves to swim.

No matter how much or how little

If you do 40 metre swims or 4000, it doesn't matter so long as you love to swim.

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Loretta A Swimming Swimmers Tribe

Why breathing out is just as important as breathing in

Even before the development of scientific studies and advanced laboratories for metabolic analysis, swimmers became aware of the following basic facts:

  • Breathing in while your...

Sinéad M Swimming Swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Sinéad M Hi there... I'm new to the tribe and really just getting back into swimming. Looking forward to getting better and stronger :)

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Johanna S Swimming Swimmers Tribe

Contributorbronze Johanna S 800m time trial at squad yesterday morning n did it in 16 min 52 sec
100m time trial after that n did it in 1min 55 sec
think my turns r letting me down :(

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Loretta A Swimming Swimmers Tribe


Trying to keep up with your swim buddy during your Swimfit pool sessions can be frustrating and many people assume that using a pair of fins will help them to build leg strength and get that extra e...

Karin S Swimming Swimmers Tribe

I like swimming, but with no pool in our town it always takes a bit of an extra effort. However @jasonabarnett keeps inspiring me with his posts and so I have gone today for my first winter season swim in the next town over. I can do 1000 meters,...

Peggy A Swimming Swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Peggy A Swam across Roblin Lake! About 1.1 Km

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Julia B Swimming Swimmers Tribe

Contributorbronze Julia B One of the best things about my life is meeting some amazing and inspirational people. Today, I met a woman at the pool today who was in her 70's. She looked and moved like someone in her 50's! She said she likes to stay active and swims for fun almost every day, we even decided to play around with the diving board for a fun break from the continuous laps :) This woman really inspired me to become a better person, both with, having a more active and healthy lifestyle and having fun in life and staying positive :) Look around, you never know who will inspire you :)

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