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Tabata Workouts

The Tabata method was first designed by a Japanese scientist named Izumi Tabata. This method involved athletes performing 8 sets of high intensity exercises for 20 seconds per set followed by only 10 seconds of rest between sets.

It was shown that the method was very effective in increasing aerobic capacity and anaerobic output which when combined, helps to boost your body’s fat burning ability.

"The rate of increase in V02max is one of the highest ever reported." - Izumi Tabata, Japan

This tribe is for those who want to share workouts that use this technique or discuss the science behind it or issues related to it.

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Keith S Tabata Workouts Tribe

Contributorsilver Keith S Today

kettle bell squats (20 kg kettlebell)
Haloes (20 kg kettle bell held at eye level and circle your head)
wide stance squats with knees to elbow
triceps extensions (20 kg kettlebell)
planche with one arm row
butt kickers

6 rounds

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Graham H Tabata Workouts Tribe

Contributorgold Graham H at MMA training i am sure we did 4 rounds ( being 2 mins) in 4 stations crunchies,burpees(to sprawl), pressups, tuck jumps, but may have been more sets cause now i think back it was about quarter of an hour or so it was poss 8, we only did it about 3 times when one of the Army guys stood in for Will

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Isabelle  C Tabata Workouts Tribe

Usualy it's 8 rounds of the same exercise for a total of 4 minutes. But I often do some workouts who goes like you said four exercices, for 2 rounds with different group of exercises and I call those "tabata style" m...

Karen L Tabata Workouts Tribe

Ah, you have it nailed Kristy ... and Alan's given you a great response. If you search under Tabata, you'll find some workouts that other people have created and some challenges that may also be of interest to you. E...

Perry D Tabata Workouts Tribe

Perry D iv been doing tabatta on treadmill, speed 18k, incline 4%, 20 sec on. 10 sec off, 6 times. and it has increased my mile and half run by 40 seconds in 3 week! amazing!

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Wow that is a huuuuuge improvement! Have you been doing other workouts using the Tabata technique?

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Simon B Tabata Workouts Tribe

Contributorsilver Simon B 4 minutes of Running on the spot/mountain climbers,rest 1 minute, 4 mins seal jacks/push up jacks, rest, 4 mins skater jumps/Burpees, rest, 4 minutes sit ups/alternate leg raises!

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Anya M Tabata Workouts Tribe

This looks awesome. I'm sooo up for it!!

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Jeffrey thanks for encouraging my comment. I'd forgotten all about this. Might try it tomoz.


Just did this. For me I found it quite comfortable, and would really want something a little more challenging. Great intro to HIIT though. Thanks for posting it up!

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Rusty H Tabata Workouts Tribe

Rusty H answered the question How often?

Depends on how advanced you are. If you're just starting out then every other day with the 4:00 tabata (8 sets x :20 sec work with :10 sec rest) is sufficent. Hope this answers your question. 

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