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Taekwondo Black Belts

A network group for Taekwondo black belts to swap training tips, info on club events, competitions and health/nutrition stuff. We all love our sport and it would be great to make connections around the country and meet up at gradings.

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Jayne A Taekwondo Black Belts Tribe

Jayne A Hi I'm from Australia. I am not yet a black belt but joined the group to gain inspiration and advice from those already at that level. I have been training intensively for 7 years. I have not managed black belt status because I struggle to do proper push ups which are part of the syllabus. I am changing that this year by exercising every day at home. Wish me luck :)

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Bronwen B Taekwondo Black Belts Tribe

Bronwen B Hi Y'all!! I just wanted to share, that on Sat 13/4, I graded to 3rd Dan under our 8th Dan, Senior Master Kim Jong Su of the ITFSA! Taekwon!

Wish J encouraged this.

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Mike R Taekwondo Black Belts Tribe

Mike R created the topic Looking for a new club

Hey y'all.   WTF 2nd dan here from Ontario, Canada.  Been with Rim's Taekwondo Academy since I was 18... and I'm about to hit 44 this summer.

I'd like to find a new club.  Long story, but my master has become very commercialized.  By that I mean...

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