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Tai Chi

Tai Chi (also written as T'ai Chi, Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan, among others) is a slow-motion, moving meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self-defense. Originally from China, Tai Chi has gained enormous popularity in America and throughout the rest of the world for its health benefits.

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Renita L Tai Chi Tribe

Contributorbronze Renita L Have discovered a great, and small, Tai Chi class in DC. I took it in college and haven't been able to find another class that was easily accessible (lazy me) until now. Loving it again!

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Albert M Tai Chi Tribe

Contributorgold Albert M For anyone who lives in Ipswich, U.K. or near, Master Wong is giving free training at Christ Church Park. Here is the link:

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Sara W Tai Chi Tribe

When I took classes about 12 years ago I learned to long form  But, as the saying goes "use it or lose it"...I lost it.  Does anyone know of a dvd that accurately teaches long form?  I still have the step by step paper, but it loses a bit in trans...

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Suyash B Tai Chi Tribe

Communicatorbronze Suyash B replied to the topic Why meditate?

I’ve been meditating twice a day for the past 9 years because I enjoy it. It may seem strange, but I feel happiest when sitting in perfect silence. The experience is difficult to express in words. It is akin to the “peace that passeth understandin...

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Sharon W Tai Chi Tribe

Communicatorbronze Sharon W replied to the topic Why meditate?


Meditation is great for turning off an over stimulated brain, allowing your mind to still.  It is great for de-stressing and allowing your mind to switch off, get to sleep and generally have more clarity over situations, your thinking in g...

David C Tai Chi Tribe

David C answered the question Tai Chi DVD

Louise, Forgot to mention - a lot of taiji people do not teach commercially.  Check out local YMCA, Park District and health club programs.  Check out for groups in your area (search on both tai chi and...

David C Tai Chi Tribe

David C answered the question Tai Chi DVD

Louise, Finding a teacher you can relate to is extremely important - probably more important than the particular style of Taiji or the emphasis of the class.  Keep looking - keep sampling - sooner or later you'll ...

Martin E Tai Chi Tribe

Unfortunately Tai Chi has evolved to a dumbed down version of classical Tai Chi.  The public is deluged with commercialized ads that make it appear that Tai Chi is easy to learn and only shortened distorted forms are preented.  See "Are You Really...

Lee B Tai Chi Tribe

Lee B answered the question Tai Chi - how do I start?

Try a local class and find out the instructors linage. Are they Chen style Yang ,Yang is the most popular also you need to be aware wether you are looking for a teacher with martial arts understanding of the style as...

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