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Team Sports

Although every team sport is different there are key similarities which mean that often if you excel at one you will have transferable skills to another. This Tribe is all about sharing tips on how to make your team work to its best ability!

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Cags R Team Sports Tribe

Cags R responded to the guide What is Sportsmanship?

I think more needs to be done to promote your 3rd point - respecting officials. I can't stand it when you see a refereee surrounded by players protesting decisions and invading their personal space. I love sports which enforce the rule that only t...

Neil B Team Sports Tribe

Coachgold Neil B created the guide What is Sportsmanship?

There is much talk about the pursuit of good sportsmanship in sport and how to promote a positive attitude towards it. Here is a brief outline of the key aspects to be considered in the pursuit of good sportsmanship:

Fair Play – The basic premise...

Cags R Team Sports Tribe

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team”

- Kareem Abdul-Jabar

10 Tips to Improve Your Performance in Team Sports

  1. Who’s the greatest? – too much ego can be a real problem in team sports (yours and othe...

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